Patriot Patrol is an indie power-pop band from Urbana, Illinois consisting of Tom Duggan (vocals & guitar), Chris Davies (guitar), Mike Daab (bass), and Brad Olson (drums & vocals).

When Brad (of Neoga Blacksmith, Waterfowl, Primitive Lights) suggested assembling a pickup band for Tom’s performance at the Hogchute Opry Harvest in 2017, they recruited Mike (Waterfowl, Hot Cops) and Chris (Finer Feelings) to flesh out the sound. Immediately the new group clicked, the additional musicians breathed life into the songs, and the four members decided to keep on playing together.

Patriot Patrol started out as Tom’s solo recording project in 2003, recording all the parts for a band that didn’t yet exist. He has released three full-length albums, most recently Neverending Sky in July 2017.

Being relatively new, the band aims to build a presence in the local scene with their crunchy guitars and catchy melodies. Always open to play more shows, and eventually writing and recording new material as a four-piece.

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